Friday, October 24, 2008

We Honor and Remember the Beirut Barracks Bombing

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news back in 1983 that 241 American Service Members had been killed in a suicide attack in Beirut. I heard it on one of the only three channels that we had back in the day. Cable had not yet gotten to our street. I was stunned, and my wife as well. We always made it a habit to watch the evening news on one of the big three channels with our kids.

And now sad to say 241 people killed is a spit in the bucket these days. And no I am not implying that those 241 Americans were and are not important. Their deaths are really even more important today, over 25 years later. Their cold blooded murders should remind the liberals in this country and all over the world that terrorism is a disease. And that disease has only gotten worse in our world with the passing of time.

So for those 220 marines, 18 sailors, and 3 soldiers and the families they left behind, we just want y'all to know that some of us have not forgotten the sacrifice of your loved ones.

And whats even more important now is that the families of those killed won two major lawsuits against Iran in 2007. Did they actually receive the money? I need to research that still. I hope they did. But then again I know how our politicians treat victims of terrorism, so I have my doubts.

And just last week the nutcase Gaddafi's of Libya was supposed to have finished paying off the families of the lockerbie bombing. But there are conflicting reports that he is still dragging his feet. Even after Bush Boy rewarded him by taking his regime off the list of countries that support terrorism.

And now we have Obama who believes that all he has to do is sit down at the table with the leader of Iran, and terrorists groups like Hezbollah and get their word that they will be good boys and girls from now on! And many different security agencies from many nations now agree that the bombing of the marine barracks in 1983 was Hezbollahs first major terrorist attack. Yet we still have airheads in this country who believe that if we just give them what they want, they will leave us alone.

It a shame that our leaders at that time decided not to take Hezbollah out, and Iran too for all that matter. But as always they acted on the side of caution, and here we are with both Iran and Hezbollah even stronger and bigger than they were 25 years ago. And Iran will have nukes in about two years. Like I said, terrorism is a disease. Unless we get some leaders with some real courage, we can only expect terrorism to keep growing and growing. Which means more innocent Americans murdered in even larger numbers than 1983 and or 2001 on 9/11.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome! The Forgotten USS Cole Attack

Its been 8 years now since the attack on the USS Cole in Port Aden, Yemen. At the time of the attack the Clinton administration decided not to take any action at all. The National Election for the President was in full swing. Don't get me wrong, Clinton promised me that he would. I was sitting right in front of him as he made that worthless promise at the memorial for the murdered sailors. But then again he had made the same promises after all the other attacks on his watch. And did nothing.
My wife and I heard one remark about the Cole attack on the news. Nothing else. How odd for an attack that was the prelude for the 9/11 attack less than one year later.An attack that was forgotten by two administrations. Where it would take nearly eight years for the families to be notified that suspects had been officially charged for the attack. How for 8 years after that attack President Saleh of Yemen would be rewarded for stopping the FBI from conducting a proper investigation, and still continues to receive money, weapons, assistance from America. Even though he let some of the killers go, and gave reduced sentences to others who had only gotten a slap on the wrist in the first place. President Saleh Lied to Bush numerous times. The press here in America had a field day with it too. But Bush still supports his old friend. But then Saleh lied to Clinton as well, and made him look like a fool too. Even though it was later proven in court that members of his government helped with the attack, none were punished. But then again none of the our own incompetent politicians who made disastrous mistakes after the Cole attack were punished either.
The long list of lies and cover-ups is way too long for one post. Its my intent to place on this site a profile and picture of all the major players who attacked the USS Cole. And the Presidents and politicians here in American who did nothing for the murdered sailors, the 39 wounded, and their families.
My wife and I along with many other Americans and Free Yemenis will continue our fight for our government to stop its support of the Dictator of Yemen, to and bring to justice those responsible for the attack on the Cole. And to give to the murdered sailors the same honors that were given to the military men and women who were killed by Al-Qaeda less than one year later on 9/11.
My wife and I are not asking for government money. We only want the truth, and the respect that those murdered sailors deserve from our leaders. Our lawyers won a lawsuit in Federal Court over one and a half years ago. We would like our government to stop making it so hard for small groups of victims of Terror Attacks to claim and to receive monetary justice. Other small groups of victims of terrorist attacks deal with the same problems in the legal system that we do. The terrorists and those who support them have more rights than the victims. That needs to change.
Its our hope that the Judiciary Committee will resolve some of these problems when they convene this coming year. God knows its been long over due.