Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sucide and Art Classes at Gitmo!

Good news from Gitmo! Two terrorists confined there are now dead. Hajji Nassim an Afghan decided to stretch his own neck last May 18 with a bed sheet. He was successful in his endeavor to be with Allah, and to claim his reward of 69 virgins! Good for him! His demise has been declared a suicide. His status had been "indefinite detainee."  A status that had been given to 48 of the terrorists at Gitmo. Now we can safely say that number is 47!
  But wait! There is more good news! Another terrorists with the indefinite status was found after he had stroked out from working out on an exercise machine. His name was Awal Gul and he was an afghan as well. So now there are only 46 terrorists left with the special designation.
 And I know that news like this can bring liberals to their knees in overwhelming grief for their Gitmo buddies and pen pals, so let me share a little good news for them as well. After the election of Obama he immediately gave extra bennies to the terrorists at Gitmo, and one of those privileges was art classes! I think that was after he canceled the trial of our son's killers. But anyway, the terrorists can now express all that negative hostility, and pent up aggression that they have for normal people on paper with a piece of chalk, and paper.  Is that cool or what?  If that does not give a liberal that warm, and fuzzy feeling than what will?
 This latest insanity kinda reminds me of the time when we testified at the trial of al-buhul at Gitmo. When it came time for that sick wacko to speak for himself at he end of his trial, he went into a rant about his own and fellow terrorists feelings of hate, and love of violence against Americans.  You liberals will really appreciate this one, he had made by hand no less a paper plane, and a paper ship. The paper plane represented 9/11, and the paper ship was the USS Cole.  He then went on to crash the plane into the ship! While he spewed forth words of hate, and violence at the court. Was that not a magnificent demonstration of artistic talent on his part or what?
 So what will Obama do next for the terrorists at Gitmo? Finger painting?