Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sucide and Art Classes at Gitmo!

Good news from Gitmo! Two terrorists confined there are now dead. Hajji Nassim an Afghan decided to stretch his own neck last May 18 with a bed sheet. He was successful in his endeavor to be with Allah, and to claim his reward of 69 virgins! Good for him! His demise has been declared a suicide. His status had been "indefinite detainee."  A status that had been given to 48 of the terrorists at Gitmo. Now we can safely say that number is 47!
  But wait! There is more good news! Another terrorists with the indefinite status was found after he had stroked out from working out on an exercise machine. His name was Awal Gul and he was an afghan as well. So now there are only 46 terrorists left with the special designation.
 And I know that news like this can bring liberals to their knees in overwhelming grief for their Gitmo buddies and pen pals, so let me share a little good news for them as well. After the election of Obama he immediately gave extra bennies to the terrorists at Gitmo, and one of those privileges was art classes! I think that was after he canceled the trial of our son's killers. But anyway, the terrorists can now express all that negative hostility, and pent up aggression that they have for normal people on paper with a piece of chalk, and paper.  Is that cool or what?  If that does not give a liberal that warm, and fuzzy feeling than what will?
 This latest insanity kinda reminds me of the time when we testified at the trial of al-buhul at Gitmo. When it came time for that sick wacko to speak for himself at he end of his trial, he went into a rant about his own and fellow terrorists feelings of hate, and love of violence against Americans.  You liberals will really appreciate this one, he had made by hand no less a paper plane, and a paper ship. The paper plane represented 9/11, and the paper ship was the USS Cole.  He then went on to crash the plane into the ship! While he spewed forth words of hate, and violence at the court. Was that not a magnificent demonstration of artistic talent on his part or what?
 So what will Obama do next for the terrorists at Gitmo? Finger painting?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Will Obama and Holder Sabotage the Military Commissions?

We all know about Holder's arrogant, and angry announcement this past Monday that the three 9/11 terrorists and one of the Cole bombers will now be tried in the Military Tribunals. It took Obama and Holder two years to relent on their irrational and political decision to switch the four terrorist from being tried in the Tribunals, to the Federal Courts. A decision which drew a dismayed and angry response from the majority of the families of those murdered in the 9/11 and USS Cole attacks, and from the majority of Americans who knew right from wrong. But Obama and Holder pressed forward with their reckless plans anyway to have the terrorists tried in New York at a Federal Courthouse.

Thank-God that the majority of the Congress could agree to disagree with Obama and Holder, and to make it impossible for Obama and Holder to carry out their foolish and dangerous scheme. Our first reaction to the announcement was one of guarded relief. But that relief soon turned into worry, and fear. We had expected that Obama would have to give that battle up when congress imposed their restrictions on him and Holder. Its more than obvious that this latest decision about the terrorists welfare is not because Obama had a change of heart. It was just another cold and calculated political decision by Obama to increase his chances at getting another term in the White House.

It appears that many others share our fears too in regards to just what exactly is Obama's and Holders hidden agenda in regards to the terrorists to be tried? The answer is obvious. From what I understand Holder's Justice Department is in charge of the Military Commissions. I don't know, but plan to find out real soon if Holder is directly, and or indirectly in charge of the Military Commissions. But either way Holder will be able to sabotage the terrorists Tribunals. He can assign inexperienced lawyers to the prosecutors team, provide less money and personnel for the prosecution, find ways to make the process even slower than it already is, and then turn around and proclaim, "I told you so!". In short Obama and Holder can set the Commissions up for failure ensuring that they get a political victory in the end.

Holder should have nothing at all to do with the Military Commissions. Period. I agree with Peter King, a republican Representative that Holder needs to resign.
Obama and Holder are both far left Liberals. Liberals have historically been more concerned with the welfare of the criminals than their victims. So far both Obama and Holder have not proven that statement wrong. Even when Holder made this announcement he did so reluctantly with the insult that he knew better than the congress, and the American people. And that he still stood by his original decision and would continue to work at lifting the congressional ban on other terrorists being sent to federal courts.

Even the Committee on Armed Services were concerned enough about the tone and focus of Holders announcement to write a letter reminding Holder "that this war crimes trial is about the terrorists who murdered nearly 3,000 American and not about anything else."

I for one don't think that Holder and Obama are going to pay much attention to the Committee on Armed Services warning. Holder was angry that he had to "take one" for the Team.  And you bet good money that Holder is already scheming how he will make the Military Commissions look bad. If Holder and Obama had cared more about obtaining a fast and swift trial for the terrorists, they would have never gone down the road they did in the first place. Instead they thought that they could pull a fast one on the American people and get the terrorists tried according to their own liberal beliefs. We the families of the real victims have lost more years in waiting for the trials. And only God himself knows when, and if ever the trials will start up again.

On a side note Bin Attash has been charged with the 9/11 attack along with the other three terrorists. But years ago we were told that he would be charged with the Cole attack. I have never received an answer back from our government as to why they changed their minds. But then again that is not unusual. We just figured, as many other people do that it was for political reasons.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Justice Denied to Cole Sailors Again

Obama has stopped the Trial of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the Cole Bomber yet again. This makes the third time! Why are we not surprised? Well first off Obama has made it a bad habit of denying the real victims and thier families justice.
We were to leave for Gitmo on a Friday, when on Wednesday Obamas Aid called me to ask me if we would come to the White House for a meeting with President Obama on Thursday.
I asked him "Why?". Even though I already knew that he was going to drop the charges against Al-Nashiri. The Aid was reluctant to tell me on the phone though. So I just told him "No. I know this meeting for what it is. Obama is going to drop charges." Which he did at that meeting to much fanfare, and the promise that al-Nashiri would be charged in tried in a Federal Court.
It appeared that Obama thought that the Military Tribunal were too draconian, and that the terrorists would not get a fair trial. We thought that was extremely odd, considering that we had attended the trial of the Al-Qaeda Propagandist just two months before at Gitmo. We saw how professional all the military personnel conducted themselves at all times. In my previous profession I was in civilian court many times. From what I saw of the Military court it was much more professional in all aspects than the civilian courts.
But I think its a safe assumption to say now that we all know now liberal Obama is in his beliefs. So it only makes sense that Obama would rather have the terrorists tried in a civilian court. But then after more months of waiting, Obama changed his mind again!
Now it was back to the Military Tribunals, but with one major caveat. The Tribunals would be reformed! To better serve the needs of the terrorists. So after more months of waiting, Obama announced that the New and Improved Military Tribunals were ready. I thought that well even thought the Tribunals are "terrorists friendly" at least we will get a trial after 9 long years! My wife and I hoped that the New Tribunals were not as terrorist friendly as they were in Yemen. Were all the Cole bombers were either pardoned, given reduced sentences, and or allowed to escape and roam free.
But Obama has changed his mind again! And we knew it was coming. The reason is pure political now. No matter how he and his administration tries to spin it. If the terrorists were tried in Obama's new tribunals there is a very good chance that they would be given extremely light sentences, and or acquitted. And that would be very bad news for Obama and the democrats in the present political environment.
So justice plays second fiddle to politics, again. And that's wrong, plain wrong. The Cole tragedy is riddle with politics, and how they came first, and the victims and their families second. Too many instances to list here.
So the 10th Anniversary of the attack on an American ship of war will soon be here, and gone. And Clinton's words that he spoke at the ceremony less than a week after the attack on the USS Cole will ring hollow. He spoke how American would track down the terrorists who had committed the attack and bring them to justice. We did not believe him anyway, but it sure sounded tough.
And in the end, the only terrorists killed who were involved with the attack, were taken out on Bush's watch. And the only one to stand trial was on Bush's watch as well. So my wife and I owe President Bush a Thank-you. And we mean it too. I guess one president out of three who took some action ain't to bad.
But President Obama should be ashamed of himself for the way he has played with the emotions of the victims families. I know we are ashamed of him.
Gary G. Swenchonis, Sr and Deborah Swenchonis
"Even though many of your leaders have forgotten the justice that you and your mates deserve so much, we have not." Remember the Cole!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last of the Jews Are Being Forced Out of Yemen

Yemen will soon be country with-out any Jews. The few that are left, are packing their bags and moving to other to countries to escape the harassment of Jews that has become so prevalent under President Saleh's rule.

The Jews have had a communtiy in Yemen since Biblical times. But no more. Presidett Saleh cannot, or will not protect them.

Last December Moshe al-Nahari, a 30 year old Jewish teacher was murdered in the streets of Reda, Yemen. The man who murdered al-Nahari screamed "convert or die, Jew!" as he shot the man 5 times. And the at the trial in March the victims family were threatened by the murderers family. But the worse was still to come. The judge ruled that the murderer to pay "blood money", instead of prison. Yemen's courts are infamous for taking the side of their citizens who murder Americans, and or attack US interests. And now the same thing has happened with the Jews.

Its been reported that the US government is helping to rescue the last 400 Jews from Yemen. That's a good thing. Its the least the they can do in light of the American governments unwavering support of Saleh. But it still contradicts our governments continued support of Saleh's corrupt regime. But then again our own Government has made habit of covering up for Saleh's anti-American, anti-Jewish feelings, and Saleh's failure to protect not only Jews but other Americans civilians, military personnel and Europeans as well.

Saleh had made his usual promise to protect the Jews, but failed miserably. Probably because he really had no intention of protecting them in the first place. The Jews were moved to a two block area, not near enough room for all the families and the new area was vulnerable to attacks. To make matters even worse they could not sell their homes.

The Jews had already suffered having some of their homes and businesses firebombed, and jiahdist gangs had been harassing young Jewish girls. Even to the point of kidnapping them and making them marry local tribesmen.

This whole story is so sad in so many ways. No one should ever be harassed for their religious faith, let alone have to leave their homeland so as to be able to practice their faith openly. And then we have our own government who less than a month ago praised Saleh and his so called democracy. But unfortunately our government has been praising Saleh for years now, even after he let some of the Cole killers go free, and even after Jihad camps were built in Yemen to train terrorist to kill Israelis. But yet our government continues to heap praises on Saleh's crumbling regime. While it minimizes all the wrongs that are perpetuated in Yemen on a daily basis.

It looks as if our government will continue its support of Saleh and his family till the bitter end. And with each passing day Saleh's rotten regime crumbles a little more. Its just a shame that for the Jews forced to leave their homes, and all the other innocent people killed by terrorists while Saleh looked the other way, that his end has not arrived earlier.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enough About The Poor Terrorists President Obama! How About Their Victims?

I thought my wife would go through the roof when she heard Obama say "they were brutally tortured". He was talking about the terrorists at Gitmo. Of which two of them who are there are responsible for the brutal murder of our son, and his mates. But then again Obama rarely mentions the victims of the terrorists. He more often than not echos the ACLU's sentiments when discussing the terrorists. Which is fairly easy to summarize: that the terrorists were tortured. And therefore deserve our sympathy. Only three of the terrorists had water poured up thier noses, excue me. I mean waterboarded. And how Obama can compare that to being brutally murdered, and or crippled for life is beyound me. Yet he did, and does.

And that is what concerns us so much. Recent polls demonstrate that the majority of Americans want Gitmo to stay open and the Military Tribunals to continue. Past poll results showed that 69% of Americans did not want the terrorists to be given all the rights of an American citizen. But Obama seems to care more what the far left loonies and some European nations think than what Americans think. I would think that Obama would be somewhat embarrassed that none of the foriegn nations who he said that were so concerned about the terrorists welfare have decided not to take any of them now. Execept for a couple of terrorists here and there. Because no nation wants them, and thats because they know that they are dangerous, and have dangerous friends.

Obama keeps on saying how "there is no neat and easy answer here". But there is, and has been for some time. In short the answer is to keep Gitmo open and the Tribunals going forward. And thats with-out the added expanded legal protections that Obama wants to give the terrorists. All we need is for Obama and a few good politicians is to stand up and say enough is enough to groups like the ACLU, and other so called Human Rights Groups that have been doing everything possible to derail the the tribunals, and to close Gitmo. Can you imagine what the outcome of the Nazi and Japanese War Criminal Trials at the end of WWII would have been like if they were to have been held in this kind of political enviornment?

Obama is trying to please everyone and in doing so he stands make even a bigger mess out of Gitmo, and the tribunals. If some of those terrorists come to America to be tried and or imprisoned the ACLU and friends will have a field day. And thats not counting the security risks involved. The terrorists will be psycho magnets in prison and out of prison. The possibilities for more innocent people to be killed and or maimed will only increase. But according to Obama I am "fear mongering now" for not agreeing with him. And of course he pulled out the favorite liberals excuse "that Gitmo is a recruiting tool for terrorists". Pure BS.

Obama needs to look at how the misunderstood terrorists have intensified their attacks in the short time that he has been in office. He signed the order to close Gitmo, he has declassified some of the intelligence as well, he has told the Arabic Nations and people how wrong we have been, and how all that has now changed since he is the man in charge. Yet the past 120 days has only seen the terrorists making more gains in Afghanistan, and Pakistan. And who in their right mind really believes that the present government of Iraq can stay in power after we turn tail and split? What the terrorists see is a divided enemy, us. Our President and politicians squabbling over the fate of 240 of their comrades. I know! I know! He blames Bush for all of that too.

I for one would like to know what VP Cheney ment when he said "If Americans do get the chance to learn what our country was spared, it'll do more than clarify the urgency and rightness of the enhanced interrogations in the years after 9/11." I think I already do really. Its simple. The Bush administration stopped more attacks on American soil. And the information that was used to stop those attacks was gained by torture. If so then so be it. But now we have Obama and some other politicians second guessing Bush and his team.

But with politicans like Nancy Pelosi I doubt that we will ever get to know just how effective the enhanced interrogations were. It appears that only the classified documents that do not support enhanced interrogations will be released. Yet Obama tells us to trust him, and people like Pelosi in the decision on what documents should be released to the public.

And how can he compare the terrorists to soldiers that have surrendered to the American military in past wars. They wear no uniforms, they serve no recogized nation, they abide by no rules what so ever, etc. Its as if he was trying every trick in the book to get Americans to sympathize with these brutal murderers.

They are Radical Islamic Killers who have murdered thousands of innocent people just because those people did not believe in their twisted beliefs. Yet now we are told by Obama that Bush and his people were all wrong again. That Bush and people acted out of fear, and too swiftly. And did not follow the rule of law. I hope I am wrong on this, but Obama just may find himself in that same position that Bush and Cheney were in before he leaves the White House. He's got his on war now. Afghanistan and Pakistan. That's all he talked about while on the campaign trail. Which means more terrorists will be caught and have to be imprisoned and maybe tried. And God forbid but we could have another attack here in America. So Obama just may wake up one day and find himself in the real world. Where blaming the previous administration will not help him with his present problems. That just maybe he will have to act out of fear. The fear that thousands of Americans could die again if he does not act swiftly. And if he does I just hope that he want be in the position that he has put Bush and Cheney in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This article was written by a FBI agent who helped in the investigation of the USS Cole attack. I for one am really glad, and proud of him that he has decided to come forth and tell how justice was railroaded by the Yemeni Regime and the Clinton administration.
I am also happy that the Forgotten Cole Tragedy is finally beginning to to be brought out of the closet and into the public view. Its way overdue. But better late than never. Especially for such an important attack that had ramifications later on for all Americans. The truth needs to be made public. Wrongs need to be set right.
It does not surprise me that Ambassador Bodine's recent remarks about the failed investigation point the finger of blame at the FBI. I have done quite a bit of research on that woman. And her failure to take responsibility for the botched investigation by the Yemenis only go proves that she did not care about the murdered sailors, and their families. And of the bigger picture how the Cole attack was not only a harbinger of more larger and violent attacks by Al-Qaeda, but the prelude to an attack on America.

If you read the article you saw where Bodine blamed everybody but herself. While in fact she was the Ambassador to Yemen at the time. She could have told the Sate Department that Salehs regimes was being uncooperative, and that with their past connections to Bin Laden, and Al-Qaeda a much firmer stance was in order. Yet she did nothing of the sort. On the contrary. She did everything possible to protect Saleh and his regime. All in the name of politics.

Do you think now that at times while she is alone with her consciousness that she reflects how she may have been able to not only help get justice for 17 murdered sailors, but have been instrumental in preventing 9/11? I seriously doubt it. She was your typical politician. More concerned with her own future in politics than the lives of 17 murdered sailors. Let alone the much larger picture that the investigation could have and would have revealed.

The Agent relates how members of the Yemeni Parliament at the time called for "Jihad" to be declared against the FBI Agents in Yemen. I know this to be true. I read the same thing. I also read in their records at the time how the Generals People Congress in Yemen stated " we do not care about no sailors or ships from America! What can they do to us? Nothing!". And unfortunately they were right. Because two American administrations did nothing about the Cole attack. In fact later on Bush rewarded Saleh's regime with more money, and assistance. And he also promoted Bodine for her failures. She was later fired though for incompetence. Even Bush could not protect this idiot from herself for ever.

A Big Thank-You is an order for this agent who stepped forward and wrote this article for the Washington Post. And all the other FBI agents who helped in the investigation. They had to fight the Yemeni regime and their own government to try and obtain justice for the murdered sailors, and their families. I for one am extremely proud of them all. I still have a few letters from that time from agents whose names I will not disclose who told me how bad they wanted to see justice served.

As for you Ms. Bodine. You should be ashamed yourself. I hope at times you do reflect on all the misery that you have caused, and continue to perpetuate with your denials. History will not be kind to you Ms. Bodine. As more of the truth is revealed how you and your bosses covered up for the Yemeni regime at the cost of 17 Sailors lives, the real truth will then be written about you and your selfish behavior. And of course how you prevented all the clues from being discovered that would eventually lead to the biggest attack on American soil. In a way I feel pity for you.

Clinton will not protect you no longer, and I am sure that Bush will not either as well. Your alone now. With nothing but your memories of how you could have done the right thing. How you could have stood up to both President Clinton, and Saleh, and demanded that justice be served for the murdered sailors, and their families.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Letter to President Obama Asking Him Not to Close Gitmo and Release the Terrorists

We asked that our letter be delivered to President Obama instead of meeting with him when we knew already that he was going to dismiss the charges against Al-Nashiri.
Dear Mr. President Obama,

Our son's name was Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr. He was a Fireman in the US Navy. He was killed in the attack on the USS Cole on 10/12/00. This letter is an appeal to you to take some long overdue action on the behalf of the 17 sailors murdered in that attack. It is an appeal for justice for their families as well.
We have been fighting against the Yemeni government and our own government for eight long years to obtain a modicum of justice for our son and his 16 mates. It's our sincere hope that you, President Obama, and your administration will help us.
President Clinton promised the nation action in the wake of the attack, but never followed through. President Bush wrote to me, and he promised action as well. However for eight years not one of the killers was held accountable by our government or the Yemeni government.
It was not until just these past few months of the Bush administration that we finally saw some concrete measures when we witnessed the case of Ali Hamza al- Bahlul. It was the first time my family and I received any comfort through this long ordeal. We attended the trial at Guantanamo Bay Prison, and I was fortunate enough to testify. The Military Commission staff conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism in all their duties, and we are proud to have them representing us in court as our lawyers. The nation can be proud of the conduct of the Military Commissions.
Bahlul was Bin Laden's media secretary and propagandist. He produced a video that glorified the murders of our son and sixteen other sailors and the wounding 39 more sailors. The video's purpose was to incite others to murder. Our family believes he received an appropriate sentence.
But besides that one instance of justice, we have had to listen and watch with broken hearts as the Yemeni government coddled our son's killers. The guilty were pardoned, given light sentences that were later reduced, or not even tried for the attack. We understand that all the members of the terror cell that attacked the United States that day are walking around free in Yemen.
Yet our government still supports President Saleh and his corrupt regime even though he blatantly aids and abets Al-Qaeda, Hamas and terrorism. Our government supports Saleh and his duplicitous regime even though he did everything possible to hamper with the US investigation into the Cole attack. And he was successful. Our government supports Saleh and he has used US military assistance to engage in a near genocide of his own citizens in the Sa'ada region, called "Yemen's Darfur".
President Obama, now I fear these sailors who died in the service of the United States will be abandoned again. It will be one more tragedy in a long list of tragedies in the Cole attack. With the suspension of the trials at Guantanamo Prison, we are deeply and painfully concerned that Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Tawfiq bin Attash will evade justice like all their terrorists friends did in Yemen. These men had a significant role in the terrorist attack that killed my son and 16 other sailors. They are in US custody. We have a right to expect a just outcome. However, our fear is if the terrorists are tried here in our federal courts, they will go free. The bias in favor of the defendant built into our system of criminal justice becomes magnified and disproportionate in terrorism cases which are in fact not crimes but national assaults.
Regardless of one's view on the definition of torture, there is evidence they murdered American citizens in cold blood. I don't see how that fact can be ignored and justify their release. The debates revolving around the use of torture does not lessen the severity of the heinous crimes that they are charged with. We have had to watch helplessly as the killers of our son and his mates were tried and then one by one released by the Yemeni regime. I begged our leaders to stop that parody of a trial at the time. They did not. We implore you not to put the families through that nightmare again.
Our Representative and Senator Cornyn along with some other senators are actively working on other issues for us in regards to the attack on the USS Cole. His office has informed us that there will be a Judicial Hearing this year on those issues. It's my heartfelt hope that you President Obama will stand with us and support that hearing.
We the families of these forgotten heroes have been denied answers for years to the most basic questions. My wife and I were so happy to read in the paper that the goal of your administration is to make our government as honest and transparent as it could be. It was a breath of fresh air. Your words gave us hope that we may actually get answers to our questions after eight long years.
I would also like to ask you if you could personally look into the issue of why the Cole Families have not been able to collect the monies awarded to us in a Federal Court under the Death on the High Seas Act. It's been two years since our lawyers won that case. And we are still waiting. The monies awarded were only for our loved one's future wages. How can our own government ignore a Federal Court's verdict?
The Justice Department has taken issue with releasing the funds from the Sudan which provided assistance for the attack on the Cole. Our own government is fighting us again. And how ironic is it that we were told that the Justice Department is there to help victims of terrorist attacks. We are not asking for taxpayer monies. I never have and never will. We want the nations that supported Al-Qaeda such as the Sudan and Yemen to be held responsible, not the American taxpayer. I think that if the 9/11 families had been treated this way, that there would have been a national outcry against such callous treatment from their government. But they were a much larger group of victims than us and they had the press focused on their plight.
Your assistance on these matters would be greatly appreciated. I know that we the Cole families are a small group and that is one of the reasons that we have been ignored by two administrations. Yet unfortunately, I think that small groups of victims of terrorist attacks may continue to grow here in America. And victims like those of the Cole and Embassy attacks will see more of their fellow Americans join our group. It's my hope that you as the President will see to it that these small groups will be treated equally, with the same rights and dignity as a large group of victims that has suffered the loss of loved ones murdered by terrorists. As Judge Doumar stated in his ruling "It's a further tragedy that the laws of the United States, in this instance provide no remedy for the psychological and emotional losses suffered by the survivors."
Small groups of victims of terrorism have no high profile advocates like the terrorist do. All we can do is to beseech our elected politicians so the real victims are not forgotten. Sometimes partisanship rears it insidious head, and justice for the true victims is lost in the process. I think its way past time that Congress passed a Bill that will ensure that American Victims of Terrorist Attacks will have legal and financial recourse at obtaining justice, regardless if it's just one family and or thousands of families. And not have their own government as their greatest and most formidable opponent to obtaining justice. The laws, passed to help victims, have been watered down to where it is practically of no use to the victims and/or their families.
I know that the press and the Human Rights groups only normally speak for the accused such as the terrorists who helped to murder our son and his mates. But even though they are dead, they still have rights too. We their families do as well. We have no pro bono lawyers. We have no press to champion our cause on the TV, in the newspapers and or the internet like the terrorists do. We have only our elected leaders, the lawyers that we pay if we can afford them and other citizens sympathetic to our plight and our cause.
We hope and pray that you will be willing to help us change that, Mr. President. We hold out hope that with you as our new President that the plight of small groups of victims of terrorism such as the Cole Families and their murdered loved ones will no longer be ignored by their government. We hope and we pray that you will even go so far as to ensure that future groups of Americans will never have to endure what we have had to endure, at least in regards to the problems I have stated.
Thank you for your time in these most important issues.


Gary G and Deborah Swenchonis
Remember the Cole! 01/24/09

Monday, January 19, 2009

President Saleh's one of America's partners in the War on Terror(according to Bush and Clinton) stated that public employees and private funds are to donate a day's wages to the people of Gaza Strip. Saleh is also telling his people to hold demonstrations and or donate to funds set up for the Palestinians. In a weekly meeting the Yemeni cabinet approved the measures.

Also of note that old die hard terrorist Sheikh al-Zandani, President Saleh's friend has opened a Jihad camp at his University of Faith in Yemen to train terrorists to go and fight the Israelis. The camp in Yemen will accept volunteers from outside Yemen as well to train in arts of suicide bombing and, terrorism 101. They will then graduate and be sent to apply their new found knowledge of blowing innocent men, women and children up in Israel. All in support of their brothers in Arms, Hamas.

Zandani the head of the University has been designated as a "specially designated global terrorist", and the UN designated him as a terrorist as well. UN 1267 Sanctions Committee. President Saleh refused to take any action against his old terrorist friend though. Scumbags like John Walker Lindh graduated from his University of Faith and then went to fight his own fellow Americans. Some of his students were linked to the USS Cole attack as well. This guy is a real douchbag. And of course he uses the name of God to justify his teachings of hate and violence.

And we are supposed to believe that President Saleh of Yemen is our ally? And yet he continues to receive America Tax payer dollars. So he can then turn around and share it with his Al-Qaeda friends, and psychos like Zandani. That is Zandani in the picture by the way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victims of Terrorism Win in Federal Court. But Bush Voids Their Victory.

President Bush's decision to not support the victims of terrorist attacks does not surprise me at all. But to overturn a case that was won in Federal Court by the victims families of Flight 772 is almost unbelievable. A total of 170 innocent people including seven Americans were murdered in that attack on Sept. 19, 1989. Libyan Leader Gaddafi was responsible for that attack and others as well. The seven families of the American victims were the first and only group to win a lawsuit against Libya in Federal Court. But Bush disregarded that verdict completely.

This past August members of congress in a meeting behind closed doors approved a agreement called the Libyan Claims Resolution Act. Bush then signed the Act into law.

The new Act ignores the Federal Court ruling which awarded the victims families 6 billion dollars. The new Act awards the victims 1.5 billion dollars. And more importantly does not hold Gaddafi responsible for the murders. The families members have all agreed not to sign off on the new agreement, and or accept the monies. Instead they plan to continue the fight against their own government and the Libyan Regime. Good for them!! I wish them luck and success.

The New Libyan Claims Act will effectively make it even more difficult for American families who's loved ones have been murdered by terrorists to collect not only compensation from countries and leaders who support terrorism, but also to at least punish those regimes financially.

Bush's decision weakens the Anti-Terrorist Act of 1996. And is insult to all victims of terrorist attack, and their families. It makes every American alive more powerless if they ever become victims of a terrorist attack. Not to mention that this decision on Bush's part undermines the Federal Courts Rulings. One has to wonder why you would even bother to go to court if our own government can ignore the courts verdict when the President and members of congress disagree with that verdict.

Its a know fact that Bush was getting heavy pressure from American Oil companies to open up Libya so as they could drill for oil. And that we as Americans will need all the oil we can get in the future. But Bush could have taken a stand and told Gadaffi that the American Oil companies would be allowed into Libya and that Libya would be taken off the list of countries that support terrorism when Libya would accept responsibility for all the victims deaths from America and other countries, and pay the consequences as well. But instead Bush chose the easier softer road, he caved in to Gaddafi's and the Big Oil companies demands, and in doing so sold out the victims of terrorist attacks and their families again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Al-Nashiri Cole Bomber's Trial Delayed

Last week on December 19 we received word that Aba al-Rahim al-Nashiri was referred to the Military Commission. And that the case was referred as a capital offense which means if he is convicted that he can receive the death penalty. He is supposed to be arraigned with-in 30 days as the law provides. A trial date will not be set at that time, but the timeline for discovery, motions and oral arguments are likely to be set. I cannot see al-Nashiri getting the death penalty. I think we will be lucky if he even makes it to a Military Court. It still amazes me the level of support that him and his terrorist buddies are recieving from the liberals. It will be interesting to see just how Obama handles not only Al-Nashiri's case, but the rest of the terrorists cases as well.But it is a good first step after 8 long years. Its just a shame that he and his friends could not have been tried when the war was popular. Better late than never though I guess.