Thursday, November 20, 2008

Father of Murdered Sailor Fights Political Correctness

Jesse Nieto who's son was killed in the Al-Qaeda sneak attack on the USS Cole in 2000
is fighting back against Political Correctness. Jesse put somestickers on his vehicle that has offended the senses of those who think and demand that we all kneel down and accept Political Correct Language and Behaviors. The stickers just state the truth. But Liberals and their PC Police cannot stand the truth, and either call it by a different name and or ignore it. You know how they insist on calling a janitor a "maintenance engineer", a sales man/woman is a "counselor", a terrorists is a "resistance fighter", a suspect wanted by the police is a "person of interest", I mean the PC police have a an important name for everyone! They believe that by changing the name of a distasteful title makes the persons self esteem increase! And lets not forget their name for convicts, its now "resident".

I could go and on but you get the point. Liberals hate the truth. Was it Islamic terrorists that bombed the Cole? Yes. And bombed us on 9/11? Yes. Was it Christians? No. Homosexuals? No. Yet he was told to remove the stickers or he could not drive his car on post.

Instead he chose to fight back! Good for Jesse and the lawyers that are fighting for him and his rights to express himself, and what happened on 10/12 and 9/11. I hope they find the idiot who is behind all this and make it public. And more importantly that he or she gets some consequences for trying to tell Jesse and other American how not to express their anger, and the truth.

If only more Americans would stand up to these idiots we could could all live with a little more freedoms. And why do Liberals insist on being called Liberals anyway? When in fact if they were in charge America would be like one big concentration camp with a whole new language, and many less freedoms. Call them for what they are. Communists. Who want us all to be the same way in every thing we do or say. No independent thinking and or behavior for Gods sake! Oh! And no God either.

Conviction of Al-Qaeda Propagandist Terrorist

I will remember November 3rd 2008 for as long as I live. It was the day that I was able to sit in a courtroom and come face to face with an Al-Qaeda terrorist. One of the deranged individuals that make up Bin Ladens army of radical Islamic terrorists. The terrorist who goes by the name Ali Hamza al-Bahlul. He produced a video that celebrated the attack on the USS Cole that claimed the life of our son. Fireman Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr.

The video was made for two main reasons, the first to recruit more people into Al-Qaeda to kill more innocent people, and of course to celebrate the murders of innocent people. Where fanatics and other people with twisted minds could get off at the images of bloodshed in that video. It was the first time that I have felt a sense of relief and peace since our sons murder, when I heard that he would be sentenced to life in prison for his aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda. My wife expressed that same feeling later on that night over supper.

I am reluctant to use the proper words that define the psychological definitions one feels when their work has been vindicated. Such as the cathartic effect, 8 years of pent up emotions being released. Obtaining some closure on an extremely painful memories. I went to school for psychology and became a counselor. But as the years went by I saw quit a bit of the "trade lingo' put to use by the far left liberals to justify irresponsible behaviors in criminals. As if such behavior can ever be justified. So in short I now attempt to refrain from my old work language since its been usurped by the left, and over used by everyone and their dog. Words that were reserved for real psychological suffering are now used to describe the frustrations when one breaks a finger nail.

But feel good it did! And it felt right as well. After the attack on the USS Cole the resulting investigation was stopped dead in its tracks by Ambassador Bodine to Yemen, and President Clinton. And then Bush swept the whole affair under the carpet upon taking office. The Cole investigation would languish in obscurity for another 6 years till enough pressure was brought to bear on the Bush Administration to do something for the Forgotten Cole attack. The Cole attacked highlighted and still does the major mistakes of two presidents, and our other leaders in the war on terrorism. To be blunt there was no war. Bin Laden was allowed to run amuck for years while Clinton and then Bush did nothing but make empty threats. Until, that fateful day of 9/11. When all the glaring mistakes of two presidents in not dealing with Bin Laden exploded upon our nation and the world too. In the form of hijacked airliners crashing into buildings. Killing thousands of Americans.And then not a word about those mistakes.

Not a word about the Cole Attack. And all the warnings for 9/11 that were just waiting to be picked up in Yemen after the Cole attack. Because the FBI were told they not could press Saleh of Yemen by Clinton. It might offend him! And whats unbelievable is much of this information was there on the net before 9/11. I actually had some FBI agents ask me where I was getting my information. That thought and where it leads is and was scary. I told them that I got it off my Top Secret TV WebNet Machine! No I am not joking. One agent took offense to that. He was the only one though. He then later on went to write letters about how I should be ashamed of myself for not believing in our presidents, and to just get over it. To do something constructive! I was. I was researching and making contacts with people who had information. It was and is a slow process.

I have some serious physical problems that I have to contend with.Most of the other FBI agents were all supportive of us, and our goals. Off the record of course. Some of their private letters were extremely encouraging to me and my wife at the time. And still are. It demonstrates to me that even though Clinton and Bush were wrong to ignore and forget the Cole attack, that there were and are still good people in our government who wanted justice for the murders of the 17 sailors. And I had more than one government person tell me that we would all live to regret Clinton and Bush's mistakes of interfering with, and effectively stopping the Cole investigation because the Dictator Saleh would get angry.

It took no Rocket Scientist at the time before 9/11 to know that Bin laden's next attack would be the Big One. He had followed the Guerrilla Warfare 101 by the Book. And he succeeded too. Its a shame that no-one read that book to Clinton and Bush.

So I had all that frustration like some other Americans who knew that it was only a matter of time before we got hit big time, especially after the Cole. Plus I had the emotional part where our son and his murder had been forgotten by the government that he had taken an oath to serve and to protect. And I had to watch my son's mother go through emotional hell, and be powerless to help. It was bad enough that her boy was murdered, but add insult to injury by a government that she actually believed in, just turned their backs on her and her murdered son.

It Was at times very difficult to bear to say the least. It was a good feeling to see my son's mother cry that night, but with tears of a different meaning. I think that trial not only began the process of setting the Cole attack, and the murders of the 17 sailors right, but it also restored a little of my wife's faith back in her government, and people in general as a whole.As for myself, I know that it took an enormous effort on the part of those who care about justice for the victims and their families to pull that trial off. That successful trials of murderers, be they terrorists or just your garden variety murderer here in American only becomes more difficult with each passing day.

And any lawyer worth their salt today will tell you that its not about right or wrong anymore in the courtroom. Its about who makes the most mistakes in the courtroom, and or out of it. And I got to witness the lawyers who represented our son and his mates conduct an excellent case to the jury, and the judge.And then I got to speak for my murdered son.

I wish I could have said more about him, and what he believed in. That he was not perfect. But he loved life, and he had a whole future just waiting for him to live it, and with us to share it with. And then a fanatical bunch of twisted and sick psychos who never even had met our son decided to end his life and his future, and a big part of our future too.

And that's what that video represents really. The Destruction of 17 Human Beings Dreams. And even more than that too really. It promotes the destruction of human life which is so fragile to begin with, just because the people in question do not believe in the same God as they do. And that is what is so ironic and painful to me as well. We brought both our children up to respect all religions, that it was and is an individual choice if a person becomes religious, and or spiritual. And to respect that choice. And to respect those who do not believe in God as well. And our son did.

And then to have him murdered by religious nuts was another blow to us. But we know that those who killed him do not represent all of Islam and its teachings, and I like to think are a minority of the larger and more peaceful group who believe in Allah.I have come to know many Yemenis and they are some nicest people I have met. And many have been very helpful to me in our quest for justice. And many more have offered their support and assistance in helping us to rid Happy Yemen of the Dictator Saleh. We look forward to working with them for the same common goal.That Saleh will not be allowed to wreck anymore young peoples, and or any Yemenis dreams ever again.And November 3rd 2008 was for our son Gary and his 16 mates. And their families.

It was so rewarding, and so refreshing that the real victims were recognized that day in court, and that the criminal actually got what he deserved for a change. I doubt very seriously if we will ever see that again. The terrorist friends and supporters grow stronger in America every day. How they sleep at night is beyond me.And in my book they are 10 times worse than the terrorist themselves.

At least the terrorist like Al-Buhlul had the guts to come out and state his objective. And that is too kill more Americans and Jews. But these radical liberals hide their true agenda under their so called altruistic and humanitarian goals. And that agenda is the destruction of Traditional American Values. So yes. The trial was a major victory for us in more ways than one.

I don't know how many people told me that our efforts were useless. That we would fail. That the Cole Attack was too political. The politicans would never let it see the light of day again. And for years I had my own doubts as well. And still do, knowing politics, and human behavior.

And once again, a thank-you to all the bloggers, to those who wrote and signed petions, who took the time for a quick email to their senators, and congresspeople, and to everyone who has helped us.

And of course thank-you to all the politicians who had the courage to begin to tackle some of the mistakes that were made in the attack on the USS Cole.

And we as the parents of Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr who believed in his leaders will never stop in our efforts to have the rest of our leaders believe in him and his mates by taking the necessary action to finish correcting the mistakes made after that attack.