Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enough About The Poor Terrorists President Obama! How About Their Victims?

I thought my wife would go through the roof when she heard Obama say "they were brutally tortured". He was talking about the terrorists at Gitmo. Of which two of them who are there are responsible for the brutal murder of our son, and his mates. But then again Obama rarely mentions the victims of the terrorists. He more often than not echos the ACLU's sentiments when discussing the terrorists. Which is fairly easy to summarize: that the terrorists were tortured. And therefore deserve our sympathy. Only three of the terrorists had water poured up thier noses, excue me. I mean waterboarded. And how Obama can compare that to being brutally murdered, and or crippled for life is beyound me. Yet he did, and does.

And that is what concerns us so much. Recent polls demonstrate that the majority of Americans want Gitmo to stay open and the Military Tribunals to continue. Past poll results showed that 69% of Americans did not want the terrorists to be given all the rights of an American citizen. But Obama seems to care more what the far left loonies and some European nations think than what Americans think. I would think that Obama would be somewhat embarrassed that none of the foriegn nations who he said that were so concerned about the terrorists welfare have decided not to take any of them now. Execept for a couple of terrorists here and there. Because no nation wants them, and thats because they know that they are dangerous, and have dangerous friends.

Obama keeps on saying how "there is no neat and easy answer here". But there is, and has been for some time. In short the answer is to keep Gitmo open and the Tribunals going forward. And thats with-out the added expanded legal protections that Obama wants to give the terrorists. All we need is for Obama and a few good politicians is to stand up and say enough is enough to groups like the ACLU, and other so called Human Rights Groups that have been doing everything possible to derail the the tribunals, and to close Gitmo. Can you imagine what the outcome of the Nazi and Japanese War Criminal Trials at the end of WWII would have been like if they were to have been held in this kind of political enviornment?

Obama is trying to please everyone and in doing so he stands make even a bigger mess out of Gitmo, and the tribunals. If some of those terrorists come to America to be tried and or imprisoned the ACLU and friends will have a field day. And thats not counting the security risks involved. The terrorists will be psycho magnets in prison and out of prison. The possibilities for more innocent people to be killed and or maimed will only increase. But according to Obama I am "fear mongering now" for not agreeing with him. And of course he pulled out the favorite liberals excuse "that Gitmo is a recruiting tool for terrorists". Pure BS.

Obama needs to look at how the misunderstood terrorists have intensified their attacks in the short time that he has been in office. He signed the order to close Gitmo, he has declassified some of the intelligence as well, he has told the Arabic Nations and people how wrong we have been, and how all that has now changed since he is the man in charge. Yet the past 120 days has only seen the terrorists making more gains in Afghanistan, and Pakistan. And who in their right mind really believes that the present government of Iraq can stay in power after we turn tail and split? What the terrorists see is a divided enemy, us. Our President and politicians squabbling over the fate of 240 of their comrades. I know! I know! He blames Bush for all of that too.

I for one would like to know what VP Cheney ment when he said "If Americans do get the chance to learn what our country was spared, it'll do more than clarify the urgency and rightness of the enhanced interrogations in the years after 9/11." I think I already do really. Its simple. The Bush administration stopped more attacks on American soil. And the information that was used to stop those attacks was gained by torture. If so then so be it. But now we have Obama and some other politicians second guessing Bush and his team.

But with politicans like Nancy Pelosi I doubt that we will ever get to know just how effective the enhanced interrogations were. It appears that only the classified documents that do not support enhanced interrogations will be released. Yet Obama tells us to trust him, and people like Pelosi in the decision on what documents should be released to the public.

And how can he compare the terrorists to soldiers that have surrendered to the American military in past wars. They wear no uniforms, they serve no recogized nation, they abide by no rules what so ever, etc. Its as if he was trying every trick in the book to get Americans to sympathize with these brutal murderers.

They are Radical Islamic Killers who have murdered thousands of innocent people just because those people did not believe in their twisted beliefs. Yet now we are told by Obama that Bush and his people were all wrong again. That Bush and people acted out of fear, and too swiftly. And did not follow the rule of law. I hope I am wrong on this, but Obama just may find himself in that same position that Bush and Cheney were in before he leaves the White House. He's got his on war now. Afghanistan and Pakistan. That's all he talked about while on the campaign trail. Which means more terrorists will be caught and have to be imprisoned and maybe tried. And God forbid but we could have another attack here in America. So Obama just may wake up one day and find himself in the real world. Where blaming the previous administration will not help him with his present problems. That just maybe he will have to act out of fear. The fear that thousands of Americans could die again if he does not act swiftly. And if he does I just hope that he want be in the position that he has put Bush and Cheney in.