Thursday, November 20, 2008

Father of Murdered Sailor Fights Political Correctness

Jesse Nieto who's son was killed in the Al-Qaeda sneak attack on the USS Cole in 2000
is fighting back against Political Correctness. Jesse put somestickers on his vehicle that has offended the senses of those who think and demand that we all kneel down and accept Political Correct Language and Behaviors. The stickers just state the truth. But Liberals and their PC Police cannot stand the truth, and either call it by a different name and or ignore it. You know how they insist on calling a janitor a "maintenance engineer", a sales man/woman is a "counselor", a terrorists is a "resistance fighter", a suspect wanted by the police is a "person of interest", I mean the PC police have a an important name for everyone! They believe that by changing the name of a distasteful title makes the persons self esteem increase! And lets not forget their name for convicts, its now "resident".

I could go and on but you get the point. Liberals hate the truth. Was it Islamic terrorists that bombed the Cole? Yes. And bombed us on 9/11? Yes. Was it Christians? No. Homosexuals? No. Yet he was told to remove the stickers or he could not drive his car on post.

Instead he chose to fight back! Good for Jesse and the lawyers that are fighting for him and his rights to express himself, and what happened on 10/12 and 9/11. I hope they find the idiot who is behind all this and make it public. And more importantly that he or she gets some consequences for trying to tell Jesse and other American how not to express their anger, and the truth.

If only more Americans would stand up to these idiots we could could all live with a little more freedoms. And why do Liberals insist on being called Liberals anyway? When in fact if they were in charge America would be like one big concentration camp with a whole new language, and many less freedoms. Call them for what they are. Communists. Who want us all to be the same way in every thing we do or say. No independent thinking and or behavior for Gods sake! Oh! And no God either.

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