Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Al-Nashiri Cole Bomber's Trial Delayed

Last week on December 19 we received word that Aba al-Rahim al-Nashiri was referred to the Military Commission. And that the case was referred as a capital offense which means if he is convicted that he can receive the death penalty. He is supposed to be arraigned with-in 30 days as the law provides. A trial date will not be set at that time, but the timeline for discovery, motions and oral arguments are likely to be set. I cannot see al-Nashiri getting the death penalty. I think we will be lucky if he even makes it to a Military Court. It still amazes me the level of support that him and his terrorist buddies are recieving from the liberals. It will be interesting to see just how Obama handles not only Al-Nashiri's case, but the rest of the terrorists cases as well.But it is a good first step after 8 long years. Its just a shame that he and his friends could not have been tried when the war was popular. Better late than never though I guess.

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