Monday, January 19, 2009

President Saleh's one of America's partners in the War on Terror(according to Bush and Clinton) stated that public employees and private funds are to donate a day's wages to the people of Gaza Strip. Saleh is also telling his people to hold demonstrations and or donate to funds set up for the Palestinians. In a weekly meeting the Yemeni cabinet approved the measures.

Also of note that old die hard terrorist Sheikh al-Zandani, President Saleh's friend has opened a Jihad camp at his University of Faith in Yemen to train terrorists to go and fight the Israelis. The camp in Yemen will accept volunteers from outside Yemen as well to train in arts of suicide bombing and, terrorism 101. They will then graduate and be sent to apply their new found knowledge of blowing innocent men, women and children up in Israel. All in support of their brothers in Arms, Hamas.

Zandani the head of the University has been designated as a "specially designated global terrorist", and the UN designated him as a terrorist as well. UN 1267 Sanctions Committee. President Saleh refused to take any action against his old terrorist friend though. Scumbags like John Walker Lindh graduated from his University of Faith and then went to fight his own fellow Americans. Some of his students were linked to the USS Cole attack as well. This guy is a real douchbag. And of course he uses the name of God to justify his teachings of hate and violence.

And we are supposed to believe that President Saleh of Yemen is our ally? And yet he continues to receive America Tax payer dollars. So he can then turn around and share it with his Al-Qaeda friends, and psychos like Zandani. That is Zandani in the picture by the way.

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