Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This article was written by a FBI agent who helped in the investigation of the USS Cole attack. I for one am really glad, and proud of him that he has decided to come forth and tell how justice was railroaded by the Yemeni Regime and the Clinton administration.
I am also happy that the Forgotten Cole Tragedy is finally beginning to to be brought out of the closet and into the public view. Its way overdue. But better late than never. Especially for such an important attack that had ramifications later on for all Americans. The truth needs to be made public. Wrongs need to be set right.
It does not surprise me that Ambassador Bodine's recent remarks about the failed investigation point the finger of blame at the FBI. I have done quite a bit of research on that woman. And her failure to take responsibility for the botched investigation by the Yemenis only go proves that she did not care about the murdered sailors, and their families. And of the bigger picture how the Cole attack was not only a harbinger of more larger and violent attacks by Al-Qaeda, but the prelude to an attack on America.

If you read the article you saw where Bodine blamed everybody but herself. While in fact she was the Ambassador to Yemen at the time. She could have told the Sate Department that Salehs regimes was being uncooperative, and that with their past connections to Bin Laden, and Al-Qaeda a much firmer stance was in order. Yet she did nothing of the sort. On the contrary. She did everything possible to protect Saleh and his regime. All in the name of politics.

Do you think now that at times while she is alone with her consciousness that she reflects how she may have been able to not only help get justice for 17 murdered sailors, but have been instrumental in preventing 9/11? I seriously doubt it. She was your typical politician. More concerned with her own future in politics than the lives of 17 murdered sailors. Let alone the much larger picture that the investigation could have and would have revealed.

The Agent relates how members of the Yemeni Parliament at the time called for "Jihad" to be declared against the FBI Agents in Yemen. I know this to be true. I read the same thing. I also read in their records at the time how the Generals People Congress in Yemen stated " we do not care about no sailors or ships from America! What can they do to us? Nothing!". And unfortunately they were right. Because two American administrations did nothing about the Cole attack. In fact later on Bush rewarded Saleh's regime with more money, and assistance. And he also promoted Bodine for her failures. She was later fired though for incompetence. Even Bush could not protect this idiot from herself for ever.

A Big Thank-You is an order for this agent who stepped forward and wrote this article for the Washington Post. And all the other FBI agents who helped in the investigation. They had to fight the Yemeni regime and their own government to try and obtain justice for the murdered sailors, and their families. I for one am extremely proud of them all. I still have a few letters from that time from agents whose names I will not disclose who told me how bad they wanted to see justice served.

As for you Ms. Bodine. You should be ashamed yourself. I hope at times you do reflect on all the misery that you have caused, and continue to perpetuate with your denials. History will not be kind to you Ms. Bodine. As more of the truth is revealed how you and your bosses covered up for the Yemeni regime at the cost of 17 Sailors lives, the real truth will then be written about you and your selfish behavior. And of course how you prevented all the clues from being discovered that would eventually lead to the biggest attack on American soil. In a way I feel pity for you.

Clinton will not protect you no longer, and I am sure that Bush will not either as well. Your alone now. With nothing but your memories of how you could have done the right thing. How you could have stood up to both President Clinton, and Saleh, and demanded that justice be served for the murdered sailors, and their families.

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