Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last of the Jews Are Being Forced Out of Yemen

Yemen will soon be country with-out any Jews. The few that are left, are packing their bags and moving to other to countries to escape the harassment of Jews that has become so prevalent under President Saleh's rule.

The Jews have had a communtiy in Yemen since Biblical times. But no more. Presidett Saleh cannot, or will not protect them.

Last December Moshe al-Nahari, a 30 year old Jewish teacher was murdered in the streets of Reda, Yemen. The man who murdered al-Nahari screamed "convert or die, Jew!" as he shot the man 5 times. And the at the trial in March the victims family were threatened by the murderers family. But the worse was still to come. The judge ruled that the murderer to pay "blood money", instead of prison. Yemen's courts are infamous for taking the side of their citizens who murder Americans, and or attack US interests. And now the same thing has happened with the Jews.

Its been reported that the US government is helping to rescue the last 400 Jews from Yemen. That's a good thing. Its the least the they can do in light of the American governments unwavering support of Saleh. But it still contradicts our governments continued support of Saleh's corrupt regime. But then again our own Government has made habit of covering up for Saleh's anti-American, anti-Jewish feelings, and Saleh's failure to protect not only Jews but other Americans civilians, military personnel and Europeans as well.

Saleh had made his usual promise to protect the Jews, but failed miserably. Probably because he really had no intention of protecting them in the first place. The Jews were moved to a two block area, not near enough room for all the families and the new area was vulnerable to attacks. To make matters even worse they could not sell their homes.

The Jews had already suffered having some of their homes and businesses firebombed, and jiahdist gangs had been harassing young Jewish girls. Even to the point of kidnapping them and making them marry local tribesmen.

This whole story is so sad in so many ways. No one should ever be harassed for their religious faith, let alone have to leave their homeland so as to be able to practice their faith openly. And then we have our own government who less than a month ago praised Saleh and his so called democracy. But unfortunately our government has been praising Saleh for years now, even after he let some of the Cole killers go free, and even after Jihad camps were built in Yemen to train terrorist to kill Israelis. But yet our government continues to heap praises on Saleh's crumbling regime. While it minimizes all the wrongs that are perpetuated in Yemen on a daily basis.

It looks as if our government will continue its support of Saleh and his family till the bitter end. And with each passing day Saleh's rotten regime crumbles a little more. Its just a shame that for the Jews forced to leave their homes, and all the other innocent people killed by terrorists while Saleh looked the other way, that his end has not arrived earlier.

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