Saturday, April 9, 2011

Will Obama and Holder Sabotage the Military Commissions?

We all know about Holder's arrogant, and angry announcement this past Monday that the three 9/11 terrorists and one of the Cole bombers will now be tried in the Military Tribunals. It took Obama and Holder two years to relent on their irrational and political decision to switch the four terrorist from being tried in the Tribunals, to the Federal Courts. A decision which drew a dismayed and angry response from the majority of the families of those murdered in the 9/11 and USS Cole attacks, and from the majority of Americans who knew right from wrong. But Obama and Holder pressed forward with their reckless plans anyway to have the terrorists tried in New York at a Federal Courthouse.

Thank-God that the majority of the Congress could agree to disagree with Obama and Holder, and to make it impossible for Obama and Holder to carry out their foolish and dangerous scheme. Our first reaction to the announcement was one of guarded relief. But that relief soon turned into worry, and fear. We had expected that Obama would have to give that battle up when congress imposed their restrictions on him and Holder. Its more than obvious that this latest decision about the terrorists welfare is not because Obama had a change of heart. It was just another cold and calculated political decision by Obama to increase his chances at getting another term in the White House.

It appears that many others share our fears too in regards to just what exactly is Obama's and Holders hidden agenda in regards to the terrorists to be tried? The answer is obvious. From what I understand Holder's Justice Department is in charge of the Military Commissions. I don't know, but plan to find out real soon if Holder is directly, and or indirectly in charge of the Military Commissions. But either way Holder will be able to sabotage the terrorists Tribunals. He can assign inexperienced lawyers to the prosecutors team, provide less money and personnel for the prosecution, find ways to make the process even slower than it already is, and then turn around and proclaim, "I told you so!". In short Obama and Holder can set the Commissions up for failure ensuring that they get a political victory in the end.

Holder should have nothing at all to do with the Military Commissions. Period. I agree with Peter King, a republican Representative that Holder needs to resign.
Obama and Holder are both far left Liberals. Liberals have historically been more concerned with the welfare of the criminals than their victims. So far both Obama and Holder have not proven that statement wrong. Even when Holder made this announcement he did so reluctantly with the insult that he knew better than the congress, and the American people. And that he still stood by his original decision and would continue to work at lifting the congressional ban on other terrorists being sent to federal courts.

Even the Committee on Armed Services were concerned enough about the tone and focus of Holders announcement to write a letter reminding Holder "that this war crimes trial is about the terrorists who murdered nearly 3,000 American and not about anything else."

I for one don't think that Holder and Obama are going to pay much attention to the Committee on Armed Services warning. Holder was angry that he had to "take one" for the Team.  And you bet good money that Holder is already scheming how he will make the Military Commissions look bad. If Holder and Obama had cared more about obtaining a fast and swift trial for the terrorists, they would have never gone down the road they did in the first place. Instead they thought that they could pull a fast one on the American people and get the terrorists tried according to their own liberal beliefs. We the families of the real victims have lost more years in waiting for the trials. And only God himself knows when, and if ever the trials will start up again.

On a side note Bin Attash has been charged with the 9/11 attack along with the other three terrorists. But years ago we were told that he would be charged with the Cole attack. I have never received an answer back from our government as to why they changed their minds. But then again that is not unusual. We just figured, as many other people do that it was for political reasons.

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